A recent outbreak that has turned into an ugly dream is Coronavirus. It is also named as COVID-19

Such a virus has termed in exceeding the limit of toxicants worldwide. In other words, the virus contains

deathful substances that are frequently spreading in different corners of the world. 

Also, this pandemic has turned in the form of a disaster that has taken many lives of people and is still in the process of doing the same. 

Moreover, this pandemic has started spreading from China. As per the investigations, first case identified in meat shops of Wuhan city. However, China denies accepting such a figure of information.

The virus was first found in bats, which states that it was earlier an animal virus, but now it has become a human virus. In other words, it is now spreading among humans vigorously. 

Besides, the process of these toxicants is not getting in control due to its no vaccination. It means that there is no vaccination or antidote available yet which controls or treats such an epidemic.

Therefore, scientists have been working hard to discover its vaccine as soon as possible. It is also being stated that whenever a virus is new, then it takes years to create its antidote.

Above all, the condition is this much worse than around 30 lakhs people are under COVID-19 infection. On the other hand, more than two lakh people have been reported dead due to such an epidemic.

What is Coronavirus?

Coronavirus or COVID-19 is a bunch of viruses that are transmittable from one person to another. 

It is causing respiratory illness from moderate cold or cough to severe respiratory tract infection or pneumonia. 

As per the survey and analytics, such pandemic causes symptoms of average cold, cough, fever, trouble breathing to extreme failure of the respiratory system. 

How does coronavirus transfer?

The transferability or chain of such toxic and harmful virus is its social distancing. In other words, this virus is easily transferable from an infected person to a healthy person through direct contact only.

When a healthy body comes in direct contact by physical touch of an infected organism, then the air particles create a chain via droplets. Besides, sneezing from a COVID-19 victim releases the liquid of 1000 particles of Coronavirus, which means that an infected body can spread such virus to 1000 people at a time. 

As a result, such a severe epidemic transmits from an infected body to a healthy one if social distancing or a distance of at least one meter is not followed. 

Above all, it is recommendable to people never to touch any unidentifiable object as such a virus can be present over there and get to you after reaching that.

The above statement signifies that when an infected person touches the physical asset like a comb, bag, nails, book, etc. then it may happen the virus particle is present over there and can come to you.

Such a virus can come to you when you touch your mouth after touching such an unauthorized object. 

Thus, one must not touch the face or mouth like a nose or eyes after coming in direct contact with anyone. 

What are the symptoms of Coronavirus?

As the above information concludes, such a virus causes various signs or symptoms ranging from common cold ,headache or cough to severe failure of the respiratory system. 

Also, as per the survey from medical advisors, this virus stays in the throat of a person after entering into the body for a minimum of four days.

Thus, it affects the throat first by cold, cough, or difficulty in breathing. 

Slowly, it affects the respiratory system by pneumonia or severe respiratory infection.

Above all, such a pandemic is extremely severe for the people who already suffer from other respiratory problems or heart disease like diabetes, thyroid, high blood pressure, etc.

Therefore, it is relevant to take care and prevention, mainly by the age group of  children below 15 years of age. 

How can we prevent from Coronavirus?

If we talk about its precautions or preventions, then there is no antidote of such a virus. Therefore, it becomes necessary to take precautions, as mentioned below.

  • Always maintain social distancing by following a gap of at least 1 meter from other people. 
  • Avoid visiting crowded areas like marriages, social gatherings, birthday parties, etc.
  • Stay at home for some days, and avoid going out of the house until it is not necessary.
  • It is a compulsion to wear a mask all the time if in case you go outside near to a grocery store. 
  • Do not eat uncooked or raw meat for some days.
  • Immediately take a corona test and medical consultancy if in case you find any symptoms of Coronavirus.
  • Wash your hands with alcoholic sanitizers more frequently, and keep your surroundings more neat and clean. 


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