DEPRESSION:-A WAY TO DEATH


It is effortless to say; I’m okay even if we are not. Sometimes, the situations and circumstances do not let us speak or share our feelings with others. However, it is essential to do so. Depression is a cause of anxiety, panic, worries, tensions, stress, and other mental discomforts. A person suffering from extreme depression may take some steps which are entirely inappropriate or unacceptable in the eyes of justice.

Moreover, the reasons for such an occurrence can be many. It is because life problems are inevitable. We can neither predict it nor control it. In other words, the only possible step we can do is to face the struggles and be secure of not quitting in hard situations.
Besides, the problems which force a person to take a wrong step are substantially related to life troubles. In simple words, people face different phases in their lives. Some are tired of their profession, while some get fed up from their issues.

But, every problem holds a part of the solution. Similarly, such a vast and disastrous issue also contains a cure. However, one needs to be patient enough to deal with such stress. Let’s have a thorough understanding of some of the symptoms, causes, treatments, preventions, and types of depression.

Depression: Types

Depression is a feeling full of regret, sadness, anxiety, stress, anger, and mood swings. Also, it is a mental disorder that creates a complete traumatic situation for one. The case is undoubtedly challenging to handle.
Besides, these are also of two types. In other words, some feelings of sadness persist for a short period. Such situations occur during the examination result, fights with loved ones, etc. However, another type of depression is the one that occurs for the long term and affects the person’s schedule and health severely. Such a problem persists in circumstances like financial issues, bad memories, relationship break-ups, death of your closed ones, etc.
Hence, it consists of different types that define the dissimilarities between the two.

• Major depressive disorder: When stress persists for longer and even after ending it comes often, then it is a depressive disorder. A depressive disorder makes the condition of depression more devastative.
Hence, such a disorder contains a disastrous or adverse form of stress, which often comes in one’s life. The indication of such kind of mental trauma is frequent sadness, fear, hopelessness, anxiety, and panic. Usually, sleeping troubles and overthinking occur during such a disorder period.
• Persistent depressive disorder: When a mental discomfort persists after a specific interval in the chronic form, then it is termed as Persistent depressive disorder. However, such disease is mild and average but can damage one’s life if symptoms worsen.

People often suffer from hopelessness, loss of interest, and co-ordination in such conditions.Depression: Symptoms
Though there are various symptoms of such a chronic disorder. But, one must keep an eye on mental health. It is because mental health plays a vital role in depression.
Surveys say that depressive disorders contain a variety of feelings in a patient. Sometimes, it becomes difficult even to know what the person has been through during mental stress.


Depression: Treatment

In terms of treatment, a variety of curing processes come to one’s mind. It is not wrong to say that depression can be dealt with without medicines and drugs.
Some health-conscious people believe that such disorder can be safely handled by some physical exercises only such as yoga, meditation, cycling, etc.
However, other ways to deal with the stress is to do all the activities that one loves. It includes watching the favorite cartoons/web series, talking to your closed ones, playing your favorite game, reading, or implementation on hobbies and pastimes.

Therefore, a combination of feelings stays inside a depressive person. Such feelings can be a compilation of anger, sadness, frustration, irritation, and emotions.
Moreover, the common symptoms that arise during the traumatic situation are overthinking, mood swings, loss in interest, extreme stress, sleeping problems, often irritation, loneliness, suicidal thoughts, nightmares, headaches or migraines, trouble in focus, tiredness, etc.
Besides, a massive change in the behavior of a person is seen during the mental stage.

On the other hand, medical treatment is the appropriate option when above such recommendations do not work. Also, there are various medicines and potent drugs that have been manufactured to treat such issues.
Let’s understand a few drugs that are consumable for dealing the depressive disorders.
• Ativan: Ativan belongs to a drug class, Benzodiazepines. It has a generic name Lorazepam. The drug deals with anxiety and panic disorders.
• Xanax: Xanax also has a drug family of Benzodiazepines. It contains a generic name, Alprazolam. Such medication is also consumable to treat many anxiety and panic disorders.
• Valium: Valium consists of a generic name Diazepam. Moreover, it has the same drug class as above, such medicines. The medication is in use to cure alcohol withdrawals, anxiety disorders, and muscle spasms.

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