Xanax for the brain: long term and short term damage to brain cells
xanax for brain

Xanax for the brain: long term and short term damage to brain cells.

Do you know anxiety could be life threatening however, now it is more common that every other person is suffering from anxiety attacks. If you ever meet with such kinds of people then try to understand them and console them. And you should know how xanax for the brain works? Also, they could be from your family members and friends. they might be having suicidal thoughts so try to help as much as you can.

According to NIMH (national institute of mental health)women are more likely to adapt to anxiety than males. In females, adults anxiety affects 23% and in males adults anxiety affects 14%. And That’s why we recommend Xanax to treat anxiety and panic disorders. What does xanax do to the brain?

How does xanax for the brain work for anxiety?

Alprazolam belongs to a class of psychotropic medication known as benzodiazepines (BZDs). Also, Benzodiazepines bind to gamma butyric acid receptors in the brain and enhance gamma butyric acid-mediated synaptic inhibition.

What is xanax used for?
Firstly, they hasten sleep
Reduce intermittent awakening
Increase total sleep time
They produce skeletal muscle relaxation
They reduce anxiety
Useful in alcohol withdrawal treatment
Lastly, for panic disorders

Short term effect: xanax and the brain
Double visions
Low breathing

Long term effect: xanax and the brain
Memory problems
Dry mouth
also, Insomnia
Weight gain or loss
Irregular menstruation
Low blood pressure and Talkativeness
Increase heart palpitations

What does xanax use affect the brain?

Teenage is that age where they go through puberty. Moreover, It’s the age where they start to experience new things and some teenagers are slow learners therefore they take some time to adjust to new things.
Academic pressure
To score high in their academics, they take too much stress and anxiety. But, They often neglect their own health so that they can have more time for studies.
Some teenagers have fear of failing in exams and also they fear disappointing their parents. Therefore, it causes them to feel more anxiety.

Parental pressure
Many parents want their kids to be perfect in every way but at that pace they start to lose their own child in the hand of depression and anxiety.
They often compare their kids to others. They think that it will inspire them or motivate them but their kids end up hurting their own mental health. However, parents have to understand that every kid has their own pace to learn new things.

Bullying is also the main reason for teenagers to feel depressed. Usually, other kids mock those kids who are weak and less confident.
They try to body shame others, then the one who is getting bullied starts to develop insecurities about their appearance.

Social media
Social media is a big reason for anxiety. Teenagers mainly start to compare themselves to social media influencers and often feel like not good enough and sometimes they does harmful things to their bodies just to get famous

I hope now you know about how anxiety can damage one’s life, so if you know someone who is suffering from anxiety just try to understand and console them and try to help them. But tell them to go for medical treatment and some mental health therapists.

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