Insomnia- A Trouble To Sleep


What is Insomnia?

 Insomnia person sometimes does not feel sleepy because of many reasons.
 The reason can either depend on the mood or problems of life.
 If this habit of not sleeping occurs occasionally, then there is no need to worry.

However, if the habit persists for long or does not go with time, then you may have a
sleeping disorder.

  • This problem of sleeping disorder is Insomnia.
  •  Insomnia is a problem wherein a person feels trouble falling or staying asleep.
  •  Such a condition also consists of types wherein you sometimes feel it regularly and
    sometimes after a specific time.
  • No problem is tolerable or cures until we find a solution for it.
  •  Moreover, such an issue of sleeping problem creates many other problems such as stress,
    anxiety, low energy, lethargy, mood changes, etc.
  •  This problem may also lead to a negative result, so one should consult with a health
    care professional in such a case.

Conditions of Insomnia:

  • As said above, there are two conditions of sleeping disorder that may occur with an
  •  The first condition is an acute condition wherein a person feels or suffers from
    Insomnia very rarely.
  •  This rare condition has common reasons, such as bad news or random stress, a day
    before an exam, etc.
  •  This ordinary situation happens with almost everybody.
  •  Above all, such insomnia condition does not require medical help and get well in very
    less time.
  •  However, there is another condition of Insomnia, which is known as chronic
  • Chronic Insomnia is a condition wherein the person has Insomnia at least three days a
    week for three months.
  •  The reasons for the above such condition may involve poor medical history, late-night
    shift, side effects of other pills, unhealthy sleeping habits, etc.
  •  The above condition of Insomnia can be curable with the help of medications from a
    doctor’s consultancy.
What are the types of Insomnia?

The two types of Insomnia are, first is Primary Insomnia, and the second is Secondary

Primary Insomnia: 
  • It is a kind of Insomnia wherein the sleeping disorder is not connected with any other
    health issues.
  •  The above Insomnia takes place due to random instances that occur occasionally.
Secondary Insomnia:
  • It is a type of Insomnia wherein the sleeping disorder is connected with other health
  •  Health diseases are such as asthma, kidney stone, cancer, stress, depression, anxiety,
  • The above insomnia type generally requires cure and takes place due to non-ordinary
    situations or conditions.
Symptoms of Insomnia:
  •  As mentioned above, the conditions and types of Insomnia, one should know what to
    do next in such sleeping problems.
  •  This sleeping trouble requires treatment only if the situation becomes out of control or

Some of such symptoms which can help an individual to know whether he has
sleeping disorder are as follows:
1. Trouble in falling or staying asleep
2. Waking up too early without taking complete sleep
3. Overthinking during late nights
4. Irritation
5. Depression
6. Anxiety
7. Stress
8. Difficulty in focus
9. Confusion during work time
10. Extreme tiredness
11. Waking up during the late nights so often

If in case the above symptoms persist for a long time and do not get well, then one
should immediately consult a doctor.

What are the causes of sleeping disorder?

There can be many reasons for Insomnia, which can not only affect one’s mental but
also social, emotional, and physical well-being.

Some of the reasons for Acute Insomnia happening with an individual are as follows:

1. Random stress: Sometimes, we suffer from sleeping trouble after listening to bad
news, which makes us sad or stressful.

2. Last night incomplete sleep: If a person did not take a complete or healthy nap
because of exams from last some days can also be a reason for it.

3. Unknown place: A cause can also be a strange place where the person visited for the
first time or find uncomfortable to sleep, such as any guest’s house.

4. Job loss: Another cause is the loss of a job wherein a person lost his job and
overthought for his career, which can cause sleeping disorder.

5. Death of a closed one: One cause can also be a death of a closed one where in you
miss that person and do not take sleep during nights.

6. Relationship break-ups: Break-ups in relationships is the most common reason for
Insomnia about youth wherein people overthink during late nights and trouble in sleeping

Some of the reasons for Chronic sleeping problem happening with an individual are as

1. Health issues: A poor medical history can create multiple health issues, which can
cause sleeping troubles.

2. Mood swings: A person who has frequent mood swings can also face a sleeping

3. Late-night shift: working in night shifts create a habit of awakening during nights,
which can also lead to a sleeping problem.

4. Side effects of other pills: Sometimes, we take other medications, which create some
side effects that do not let up sleep during nights.

Is Sleeping Disorder curable?

Yes, sleeping trouble is curable with the help of both medical and non-medical treatment.
 However, which treatment to opt entirely depends on your health condition and your
doctor’s suggestion.

 The non- medical treatment includes the following solutions:
1. Meditation
2. Healthy and relaxing exercises
3. Avoiding using excessive alcohol
4. Avoiding using caffeine

The medical procedure consists of some of the medicines such as Ambien.
Ambien is a drug pill that is used to treat the problem of sleeping trouble majorly.

 It is to take always with a proper medical prescription of a health care professional.
 Ambien affects the chemicals of the brain, which are unstable and creating the troubles of sleeping.

This medication can help an individual sleep faster, and it has a generic name –

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