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Generic Name: methylphenidate
Brands: Ritalin, Aptensio XR, Concerta, Cotempla XR-ODT, Metadate CD, Metadate ER, Methylin, QuilliChew ER, Quillivant XR.
Ritalin Online is a CNS stimulant that treats ADHD and narcolepsy. However, it controls the brain and nervous system that contributes to hyperactivity and impulse control.
Moreover, it can be used for other purposes that are not listed here.

Important Information

It may be habit-forming, so need to take a prescription and use it under medical supervision.
You should not use the medication of Ritalin if you have glaucoma, tics, severe anxiety, agitation, or Tourette’s syndrome. However, also do not use it if you have taken an MAO inhibitor in the past 14 days.
If you have a history of depression, mental illness, or bipolar disorder, then Ritalin can cause you severe new or worsening psychosis.
Contact your health expert right away if you experience a sign of heart problems, chest pain, and shortness of breath, symptoms of psychosis, or signs of circulation problem.

Before taking this medicine
Tell your doctor if you ever experience:
Heart problems;
High blood pressure;
A family history of drug addiction or alcohol addiction;
Esophagus problems; or,
However, your doctor will suggest you well if you tell him about your medical history. Although he should ask you about your medical health condition or it is not safe for children under six years. However, take the medication under the expert doctor who knows opioids or narcotics.
Do not take the medication of Ritalin if you have:
Motor tics;
Tourette’s syndrome; or
Hallucination problem

General Dosage Information

-Ritalin tablets
For pediatric patients, six years and older: starting dose should not more than 5 mg twice a day before breakfast. However, take it orally also do not crush, chew, or soak the tablet.
Adults: the dose is 20mg to 30 mg daily. It will be administered by your doctor, ask him first before the treatment. However, take it before the meal or in divided dose about 2 to 3 times a day.
The maximum dose is 60mg a day.
ADHD treatment may be needed for a more extended period periodically reevaluate the long-term use of Ritalin to adjust dosage as needed or prescribed.
Note: Always consult your doctor before taking any opioid medication.

Side effects

More common side effect include fast heartbeat whereas less common side effects include:
Chest pain
joint pain
skin rash or hives
These side effects can be treated if caught in the very beginning.
The other rare side effects of Ritalin include:
Black, tarry stools
blood in the urine or stools
blurred vision
crusting, dryness, or flaking of the skin
muscle cramps
pinpoint red spots on the skin
severe redness, soreness, or swelling of the skin
Contact your doctor or call 911 for emergency help. However, you can also report your symptoms to the FDA if the situation if getting worse.