Hydrocodone 10/325mg

Hydrocodone 10/325mg


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Acetaminophen 10/325mg: Introduction

  • Hydrocodone 10/325mg is a drug which is the combination of both the opioid pain
    reliever and non-opioid pain reliever.
  •  The drug is consumable to treat moderate to severe pain in a human body.
  • This medication affects the brain muscles, which are unstable and causing pain in a
    body and provides calm to it.
  • Moreover, acetaminophen helps in reducing fever in a body.

Hydrocodone 10/325mg: Usage

The usage of the drug requires a medical prescription from a doctor and prior
information related to the drug.

  •  A more significant amount of usage can cause slow breathing or stop the breath in
    some cases.
  •  This drug is strictly not usable for children under six years of age.
  • It is to take by mouth orally with or without food as per the guidance of a doctor.
  • However, if you consume such medication with food in case of nausea, then it would
    be beneficial to you.
  •  The dosage of this drug plays a vital role as it should not be an overdose and lessen
    than the prescription.
  •  Therefore, always take the liquid quantity of such medication with a proper medicine
    measuring spoon and not with the kitchen spoon.
  •  Its dosage may also depend upon some factors in individuals such as weight, age,
    medical condition, and severity of pain.
  • Take the dosage as per the prescription and not more than that.
  •  Its sudden stop may cause some withdrawal symptoms, so ask your doctor to decrease
    the dosage to avoid such symptoms.
  •  Take the medication regularly, as said by the doctor, and not when you feel in pain.
Hydrocodone 10/325mg: Side effects
  • There are some effects such as nausea, constipation, weakness, headache, dizziness,
    etc. which take place during the consumption of this drug.
  •  However, getting panic in the above symptoms is not required at all as these are
    general and may get well with regular consumption.
  •  The above effects and symptoms can also go away with proper diet, medication,
    regular exercise, and care.
  • Always remember that such a prescription is only provided to you by the doctor when
    he finds that benefits are more than its side effects.

 Get medical attention right away when any of the below symptoms arise and worsens:

1. Mood/mental changes
2. Extreme drowsiness
3. Nose bleeding
4. Shallow breathing
5. Fast heartbeat
6. High blood pressure
7. Swelling on mouth
8. Severe allergic reactions
9. Trouble speaking
10. Extreme depression
11. Thoughts of hurting yourself
12. Seizures

  • The side effects can also be different from those which are stated above.
  •  Therefore, always talk to a doctor about the changes that are taking place during the
    consumption of such medication.
  • Take the medical help when you feel that the situation becomes out of control or
    critical in terms of side effects.