Levitra 40mg

Levitra 40mg


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Formula: C23H32N6O4S
Trade Names: Levitra
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Vardenafil 40mg: Introduction

 Levitra 40mg is a drug medicine that is in use to treat impotence or erectile dysfunction.
 In other words, it is a drug medication which is consumable for the treatment of
male’s sexual problem.
 It is a popular medicine that is available in many online medical stores and
pharmaceutical shops.
 However, it is a drug which highly recommends a medical prescription from a
pharmacist or doctor.
 In other words, it is to take or use under the guidance and supervision of a medical
advisor only.
 Moreover, it can be helpful if you start using this medicine after knowing about it

One can also clear the doubts of it by talking to the doctor before taking this drug.
 It also has one more brand name, Staxyn, and the generic name of such remedy is
 Levitra 40mg relaxes the muscles in walls of blood vessels and increases blood flow
to the penis.
Therefore, it helps a man to keep and get an erection during the sexual process.
 Moreover, it increases the exercise capacity in males.
 Besides, it is never in use for the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases such as
HIV aids.

Levitra 40mg: Usage

There is a strict prohibition for 18 years of age or below to use such a remedy.
 It is a drug that needs to take in moderation.
 In other words, taking this drug in extreme quantity can be severely harmful.
 One can intake the drug medicine with or without a meal by mouth orally as per the
doctor suggests.
 However, the advice is to intake the medicine with food in case of nausea.
 It is to use always at least one hour before the sexual activity by males.
 Moreover, a time of 24 hours needs to be maintained while taking its dosages.
 In other words, one must take it only once in a day and not more than that.
 The dosage of such medicine can vary in people as it depends on one’s age, weight,
medical condition, and body tolerance.

Levitra 40mg: Important information

 Do not take any other medicine with Levitra 40mg as it is a type of drug which reacts
with other drug remedies more quickly.
 Taking it with nitrate drugs can cause chest pain or heart problems to you.
 Immediately consult your doctor if your erection is painful for a long duration.
 Moreover, stop taking it right away if any vision loss happens to you.
A suggestion as per the medical advisors is to reveal your complete medical history to
your doctor before start using it.
 Do not take such drug remedies if your body is allergic to other drugs.
 Alcohol consumption is strictly not recommendable with it as it can cause respiratory
depression, coma, or memory loss for a lifetime.