Levitra 5mg

Levitra 5mg


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Formula: C23H32N6O4S
Trade Names: Levitra
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Vardenafil 5mg: Introduction

Levitra 5mg is a drug medication that is in use to treat erectile dysfunction or
 In other words, this drug is consumable for treating the male's sexual problem.
 One needs to take knowledge of medication before start using it.
 Moreover, the drug is addictive and potent. Therefore, one must have a medical
prescription from a health care professional.
 In other words, one must perform every step under the guidance and supervision of
the medical advisor only.

Besides, the drug remedy is recommendable by doctors, so its availability is there in
many medical shops and online stores.
 It consists of another brand name, Staxyn.
 However, the generic name of this drug medicine is Vardenafil.
 It is in use to help a man to keep and maintain an erection during sexual activity.
 Therefore, it calms the muscles in walls of blood vessels and increases blood flow in
the body, mainly in the penis.
 Moreover, the above step helps a man to increase his exercise capacity.
 A suggestion for its new user is to clear all the doubts from a medical advisor before
using drugs.
 Above all, it can never be used to treat any sexually transmitted disease such as HIV

Levitra 5mg: Usage

Levitra 5mg must be utilized in moderate only.
 In other words, consuming it in an extreme quantity longer than a duration can affect
an individual's health adversely.
 It can be utilized by mouth orally with or without nutrients as per the recommendation
of a doctor.
 However, one can get benefit if he utilizes medication with nutrients, mainly in case
of nausea.
 Such drug remedy is always utilized by males at least one hour before the sexual
 Besides, a duration of 24 hours must be followed while taking its next dosage.
 In other words, one must take such a remedy only once in a day and not more than
 Sharing this medicine with 18 years of age children or below comes under criminal
offense and Levitra 5mg abuse.
Place the remedy at a safe location and away from heat, moisture, and others' reach.

Levitra 5mg: Side effects

 Levitra 5mg also consists of some opposite effects if its misuse or abuse takes place.
 The two types of side effects persist, one is general side effects, and the other one is
severe side effects.
 General side effects do not require any medical attention as such symptoms can get
well with time and care.
 However, serious side effects highly recommend a doctor's consultancy and medical
 Fewer people suffer from severe side effects, but a suggestion is to consult your
doctor in such a situation immediately.
 The typical or general effects are insomnia, constipation, nausea, drowsiness,
dizziness, vomit, etc.

 On the other hand, severe effects are high blood pressure, fever, increased sweating,
fast heartbeat, bloody urine, pain on urination, etc.
Above all, such lists are not complete, and there can be some other symptoms or side
effects of Levitra 5mg.