Norco 10/325

Norco 10/325


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NORCO 10/325MG

acetaminophen 10/325mg: Introduction

 Norco 10/325mg is a drug remedy which is consumable for treating the moderate to
severe pain in a human body.
The reason for the occurrence of such agony can be any injury, surgery or severe
disease such as Cancer.
 It is a mixture of Acetaminophen and Hydrocodone.
 Therein Hydrocodone is an opioid pain reliever medication whereas Acetaminophen
is a non-opioid pain reliever. 

In other words, Hydrocodone affects the chemicals of the brain, which are unstable
and makes them stable by providing calm to them.
 On the other hand, Acetaminophen helps in reducing the fever of a human.
 The above drug remedy is strictly not recommendable for the children of 6 years
 Taking such medication in overdose can cause death as well.
 Moreover, consumption of this remedy in more considerable amount can slow or stop
one’s breathing.
 As the drug is powerfully addictive, therefore, one must have a medical prescription
from a doctor for its consumption.
 Besides, it is recommendable to go through the leaflet that comes with this drug
 Such pills are readily available in multiple online medical stores and pharmaceutical

Norco 10/325mg: Usage

Norco 10/325mg is to take orally by mouth with or without food as per the
recommendations of a doctor.
 Moreover, it is advisable to consume remedy with food only in case you have nausea.
 A medical prescription and a prior knowledge regarding the drug remedy is a must.
 Always take the medication dosage in the recommendable quantity and duration only.
 Besides, in case of taking the liquid form of dosage, use the special measuring
medicine cup or device.

 In other words, do not take the liquid dosage by regular kitchen spoon as it is essential
to measure the quantity of dosage.
 Also, a gap of 4 to 6 hours needs to be implemented in between its dosages.
Above all, some withdrawal effects or symptoms may take place when you stop its
consumption suddenly.
 Therefore, a recommendation is to ask your doctor for decreasing the regular dosage
to avoid such withdrawal effects.
 When you find no changes or any new changes while taking such remedy then
informing your doctor would be beneficial.
 The remedy is undoubtedly helpful, but can also cause addiction if you are taking it
with other drugs or alcohol.

Norco 10/325mg: Side effects

Norco 10/325mg also consists of some facts which are negative wherein some are
common while some are non-common.
 Common side effects or symptoms do not need medical attention and can get well
with time and care.
On the other hand, non-common side effects can get well by the proper medical help

 However, a recommendation is to consult your doctor if in case any common or non-
common side effect worsens.