Oxycodone 15mg

Oxycodone 15mg


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Formula: C18H21NO4
Brand Names: Oxycontin
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roxicodone 15mg: Introduction

Oxycodone 15mg is a drug medicine which is to intake for treating moderate to severe
pain in a human body.
 It is an analgesic which belongs to a class of drugs, Opioid.
 Also, it is called a narcotic.
 The other brand names of such drug medication are Oxycontin, Oxaydo, Oxyfast,
Roxicodone, etc.
Such pain, which is durable, can be the agony that occurs due to injury, surgery, or a
severe disease such as cancer.
 It is a reliable and powerful drug in terms of addiction.
 Therefore, one needs to have a medical prescription of a medical advisor, and also
prior knowledge regarding the medication is essential.
 It is a type of drug which quantity can only be enhanced if one is already consuming it
in an increased number.
 If one is increasing its dosage without its regular consumption, then it can lead to

Oxycodone 15mg: Usage

 It can easily cause the chances of addiction for the new user. Therefore, it is always to
take in the prescribed quantity and duration.
 Clear your all queries to your doctor before using it.
 It is a pain killer who needs to be intake regularly as guided by the doctor and not
when you feel pain.
The duration of at least 12 hours needs to be followed during its dosages.
 One can intake it with or without a meal by mouth orally.
 However, a suggestion is to intake it with a meal, mainly in case of nausea.
 Always swallow the remedy with enough water rather than licking, chewing, or
dissolving in water.
 Consumption of alcohol with it is strictly prohibited.
 Talk to your medical advisor for the changes which are persisting during the
consumption of this medicine.
 Always place the drug at a safe place and away from heat and moisture.
 Do not share such drug remedies with others without prescription, mainly with
children as it can cause severe harmful results by doing so.
 Never stop the medication’s consumption suddenly; instead, ask your doctor how to
prevent its use safely.

Oxycodone 15mg: Dosage

The medicine is to take under the guidance of a healthcare professional only.
 Its dosage for a tolerated body is more than 40mg, and the total daily dosage is more
than 80mg.
 Adults are allowed to intake 60mg per day.
 Moreover, the dosage can be adjustable by the medical advisor depending upon the
response to treatment and medical conditions.
 The initial dosage is 10mg orally after every 12 hours of gap.
 Initially, doctors start with a low dosage to see the response to treatment and then
increase or adjust it accordingly.
 Also, children younger than the age of 6 years are strictly not allowed to use this drug.
 Oxycodone 15mg abuse can lead to criminal offenses and cause extremely negative
results such as death.