Oxycontin OC 30mg


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Oxycodone OC 30mg: Introduction

Oxycontin OC 30mg is a drug medicine which is in use to cure the moderate to severe
human pain.
 In other words, such drug medicine is consumable to treat the pain that occurs due to
any injury, surgery or disease.
 Also, this is a powerful drug in means of addiction which highly recommends a
medical prescription and a prior knowledge regarding the drug.
 Moreover, this medicine is easily on sale in various medical shops and online
pharmaceutical stores.
 It consists of a drug class, Opioids.
 This drug also has several brand names such as Roxicodone, Oxaydo, Oxycodone,
 Above all, the drug dosage can only raise in a condition if a regular consumption is
already happening.
 In other words, one must use this medicine in moderation only.

Oxycontin OC 30mg: Usage

 The chances of addiction are high if its overdose for longer duration takes place by an
 One must consult the medical advisor well for all the queries or doubts regarding the
 It is to regularly use as per the guidance of the doctor and not only when the agony
 Moreover, such medication is to swallow with enough water.
 In other words, it is not recommendable to chew, lick or dissolve the medicine.
 Also, it is to intake by mouth orally with or without food as the doctor says.
 However, the advice is to take this drug only with food in case of nausea.
 Taking alcohol with it can cause respiratory depression or memory loss for a lifetime.
 Also, one must immediately talk to a doctor if any change starts persisting or worsens
during its consumption.
 Above all, do not stop using this drug all of a sudden as it can cause some withdrawal
symptoms also.
 Therefore, take help from a healthcare professional to stop using this medicine

Oxycontin OC 30mg: Side effects

 Oxycontin OC 30mg has some side effects which are in between moderate to severe.
 The difference between the two categories of side effects is medication treatment.
 In other words, moderate side effects are typical and do not need much medical
attention as they can get well with time, care and regular dosage.
 On the other hand, severe side effects are the ones which require immediate medical
 Therefore, one must consult to the doctor without delay if in case any severe side
effect persists.
 Some of these typical side effects are as follows:
1. Insomnia
2. Constipation
3. Nausea
4. Dizziness
5. Drowsiness
6. Vomit

7. Indigestion
8. Mood changes
9. Lethargy
10. Weakness
11. Stress
 Also, some of these severe side effects are as follows:
1. High blood pressure
2. Increased sweating
3. High fever
4. Unusual wounds on the body
5. Swelling on face
6. Fast heartbeat
7. Nose bleeding
8. Suicidal thoughts
 These two lists of side effects are not complete; therefore; it is advisable to all that
always talk to the doctor when any side effect starts worsening.