Oxycontin OC 60mg

Oxycontin OC 60mg


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Oxycodone OC 60mg: Introduction

 Oxycontin OC 60mg is a drug remedy which is in use to treat moderate to severe
human pain.
 The treatment of such pain can be of any injury, surgery, or disease such as cancer.
Moreover, such a drug remedy is potent and powerfully addictive and thus
recommends a medical prescription from a doctor.
 Also, it would be healthy if you know medicine before its usage.
 One needs to intake this medication in limit or moderation only.
 In other words, the large dose of such drugs for a long time can affect health
 Besides, it is a drug type that is on sale in online medical stores as well by its other
brands, also like Oxaydo, Roxicodone, Oxycontin, etc.
 Above all, the drug category of such potent drug medicine is Opioids.
 One must not share this drug with others without prescription as such an act comes in
criminal offenses and Oxycontin abuse.

Oxycontin OC 60mg: Usage

 Oxycontin OC 60mg usage needs a frequent doctor’ consultancy for the changes
which are persisting during the consumption of this drug medication.
 Also, as it is stated above, that one must contain a medical prescription and prior
information about the medicine.
 Besides, the chances of addiction are high if its overdose takes place in an individual.
 This drug tablet is to use regularly as per the guidance and supervision of the
healthcare experts and not as when only pain arises.
 Moreover, one needs to intake such medication with or without a meal by mouth
 A suggestion is always to intake such pills with food to avoid high nausea.
 Also, one should swallow it with much water instead of chew, lick, or anything. 
 It is highly recommendable not to stop using this medicine all of a sudden.
 The above recommendation is to avoid some of the withdrawal effects which persist
during its sudden stop.
 Therefore, a person should ask his doctor to reduce the regular dosage and then stop
using the drug gradually. 

Oxycontin OC 60mg: Dosage

 This drug medicine’s dosage is to always take as per the recommendation, guidance,
and directions of the doctor only.
 However, the dosage of this remedy can be adjustable by your medical advisor
depending upon the age, weight, medical conditions, and severity of pain.
Therefore, the single dosage for a tolerated body is more than 40mg, while its total
daily dosage is more than 80mg.
 Adults can intake 60mg dosage in a day regularly.
Generally, the duration of 12 hours should be followed in between the dosages of
 Also, the rest directions can be as per the guidance of the doctor.
 Moreover, initially, doctors start with a low dosage to verify the response to
Thus, the initial dosage of Oxycontin drug is 10mg orally after every 12 hours of gap.