Oxycontin OC 80mg

Oxycontin OC 80mg


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Oxycodone OC 80mg: Introduction

Oxycontin OC 80mg is a drug medicine which is usually in use to treat extreme
human pain.
Such pain treatment is for the agony which occurs due to injury, surgery or a disease
such as cancer.
It is a drug type which belongs to a category of drugs, Opioids.
 This painkiller or analgesic can be available in various online medical stores with
other brands like Roxicodone, Oxycodone, Oxaydo, etc.

Moreover, such drug medicine highly requires a medical prescription as the drug is
potent and powerfully addiction.
 Also, it would be healthy if you take its essential knowledge before you start using it.
 Besides, this medicine is to use in moderation only. Otherwise, it can affect patient
health severely.
 It is a drug remedy which is never to share or give to anyone without a prescription
and a doctor’s guidance.
 Such above act results in criminal offences and Oxycontin abuse, so one must not do

Oxycontin OC 80mg: Usage

 A patient needs to use this medicine in moderation and under the guidance and
supervision of a medical advisor only.

 Also, the chances of addiction are high if one uses this remedy in overdose for a long
 It is to utilize regularly as per the suggestions and directions of healthcare experts.
 In other words, you must not take the drug only when pain arises.
 Besides, one needs to swallow the drug type with enough water instead of chew, lick
or anything.
 Above all, using this drug remedy with alcohol can cause respiratory depression or
coma for lifelong.

 It is a recommendation to immediately contact your healthcare experts if in case you
find any new change.
 The time or duration of at least 12 hours needs to maintain in between its dosages
during consumption.
 One can also use the drug by mouth orally with or without nutrients; however, the
doctor says.
 However, you should use the drug medication with nutrients only mainly in case of
 Moreover, never stop taking the dosages of this drug type all of a sudden as some
withdrawal signs may take place by doing so.
 Therefore, a patient must take a doctor’s help to know how to stop using this
medication securely.

Oxycontin OC 80mg: Important information

The patient must inform the medical advisor prior if he is allergic to another drug
category as such medicine may cause some allergic reactions.
 One needs to always disclose the complete medical history to the doctor prior using
this drug type.
 Moreover, never use the drug medication if the patient suffers from respiratory
depression or diseases of the heart.
 Also, do not drive or perform any activity that needs complete activeness of a patient
as such medication may make a person entirely sleepy or dizzy.

 Above all, it passes through breastfeeding; therefore; pregnant women need to use this
remedy only in the doctor’s supervision.