Oxycontin OP 30mg

Oxycontin OP 30mg


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Oxycodone OP 30mg: Introduction

 Oxycontin OP 30mg is a drug that is potent and consumable to treat moderate to
severe human pain.
 This moderate to severe human pain can be the agony that occurs due to injury,
surgery or disease like cancer.
 Such drug medication consists of a category of drugs, Opioids.
 It recommends a medical prescription for usage as it is powerfully addictive. 
 Moreover, it is recommendable to take the prior and essential knowledge of the drug
 A patient can also get such remedy in various medical stores by other brands like
Roxicodone, Oxaydo, Oxycodone, etc.
 Above all, the drug is potent and needs to be intake only in small doses.
 In other words, consumption of such drug in high quantity suddenly can cause severe
affection to the mental and physical health.
 Also, one must not share or provide this medicine to anyone without a prescription.

Oxycontin OP 30mg: Usage

 The chances of addiction become high or risky if over consumption happens without a
doctor’s recommendation.
 It is relevant to take a medical prescription and information on the drug remedy before
taking dosages.
 One is advisable to clear all queries or doubts from the healthcare expert in advance
 Also, this medicine is to consume regularly as per the directions and guidance of the

In other words, do not use the medicine only when pain arises.
 The duration of at least 12 hours is mandatory to follow in between the doses.
 Moreover, one can intake such drug remedy either with food or without food.
 However, in taking of the medicine with food can help prevent nausea.
 Besides, one should make sure that the hands are not wet while holding the medicine.
 In other words, utilizing medicine inappropriately can increase the chances of risks
and reduces their effects.
 Therefore, one should swallow the remedy with much water instead of chew, lick or
 Above all, when you suddenly stop this drug’s usage, then there can be some
withdrawal signs which may take place.
 Thus, it is recommendable to inform your doctor for reducing the regular dosage to
prevent from such withdrawal signs.

Oxycontin OP 30mg: Precautions

 It is essential to inform your medical advisor prior if in case your body is sensitive in
terms of allergy.
 Similarly, reveal your medical history to the doctor for all the diseases you have gone
through in the past.
 It is necessary to avoid driving or other activities which needs alertness because this
medicine makes a person dizzy for 8 hours after consumption.
 Avoid usage of this remedy if you have any respiratory trouble like difficulty in
breathing or glaucoma.
 Above all, place the medication at a safe location and far away from other’s reach.