Phentermine 15mg

Phentermine 15mg


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amphetamine 15mg: Introduction

 Phentermine 15mg is a drug medication that is consumable by people to treat weight
loss or obesity.
 The drug helps reduce the calorie by changing the behavior and reducing obesity.
 Generally, it is in use by the people who are overweight or obese and suffering from
medical issues due to such problems. 
 Therefore, this drug helps in losing weight and prevent medical problems that come
from obesity like heart problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid, etc.
 It works in certain parts of the brain to decrease the appetite and increase the amount
of energy consumable by the body.
 Moreover, this medication is similar to Amphetamine, which can be consumable with
 Besides, this drug is potent in means of addiction. Thus, one must require a medical
prescription for its usage.
 It would be better for the health if you know about the drug before taking its dosage.
 Also, it is on sale in medical stores by its generic name, Suprenza or Lomaira. 
 This drug also consists of a drug category, sympathomimetic amines.

Phentermine 15mg: Usage

 Phentermine 15mg is a drug that can be consumable by mouth directly like other
 Generally, it is to use only once in a day either one hour before breakfast or after 1 to
2 hours of breakfast.
 It needs to utilize under the doctor’s supervision and guidance only.
 Moreover, the medical advisor or doctor may adjust the dosage to see the response to
 Besides, using this medication in late daytime can cause extreme insomnia.
 It can also be intake 10 to 14 hours before falling asleep.
 Above all, it needs to be swallowed with enough water by placing it on the top of the

 In other words, you must not chew, crush, lick, or dissolve it in water as such
activities may reduce the effect of medication and increase risks of side effects.
 It is recommendable to use the drug only in the prescribed amount regularly to get the
most benefits.
 Also, you must not hold the drug tablet with wet hands.
 The overdose or abuse of this medication can make an individual a lifetime drug
addict or drug dependent.
 Moreover, the duration of this drug is usually of a few weeks or maybe lessen.
 Above all, never stop using this drug suddenly; otherwise, there can be some
withdrawal symptoms that may persist.
 Therefore, one must take the help of a healthcare expert to reduce the regular dosage
to prevent such signs.

Phentermine 15mg: Side effects

Some side effects are common and do not need quick medical help.
 However, some symptoms are severe and need quick medical attention.
 Some of the typical opposite effects are constipation, indigestion, runny nose, mood
changes, anxiety, etc.
 On the other hand, some of the severe symptoms are high blood pressure, difficulty in
urine, high fever, increased sweating, etc.