Ritalin 10Mg

Ritalin 10Mg


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Methylphenidate 10mg: Introduction

Ritalin 10mg is a drug medicine which is consumable to treat narcolepsy and
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).
 It is a drug which is potent and highly addictive, and thus, one must take a medical
prescription before the usage.
 Also, it is beneficial for one’s health if the prior knowledge regarding the drug is there
before usage.
 It is a drug type that results in the stimulants and helps in reducing the impulsiveness
of a person.

Moreover, it is useful in raising the ability to pay attention, focus and concentrate.
 Besides, better wakefulness, people use it to cure excessive, uncontrollable sleep of
daytime that occurs due to narcolepsy.
 As medicine is powerful in terms of addiction. Therefore. It is mandatory to use it
under the supervision and guidance of a medical advisor only.
 One may also get this drug remedy at online medical stores with its generic or another
brand name, Methylphenidate.
 It needs never to share or provide to anyone without doctor’s consultancy as such an
act comes in Ritalin abuse.

Ritalin 10mg: Precautions

 This drug remedy is not in use with anyone who does not have a medical prescription
mainly to a child under the age of 3 years.
 The overdose of this medicine can create adverse harmful effects on one’s emotional
and physical health.
 In other words, this potent and powerful medicine needs to intake in limit only.
 Moreover, usage of alcohol and other drugs are strictly not recommendable with it as
it can cause severe effects such as respiratory depression, coma or memory loss.
 Besides, the misuse or abuse of such a medicine can lead to death as well.
 It also needs to place at a secure location and away from heat, moisture, light and
other’s reach.
 One must disclose the full medical history to the healthcare expert before going for
this drug.
 Above all, prior inform your medical advisor if you are allergic to drugs or suffer
from any respiratory problem such as asthma.
 One is advisable for not performing any activity that needs the entire activeness of a
person because this medication makes a person utterly dizzy for at least 8 hours after

Ritalin 10mg: Side effects

 Ritalin 10mg also carries some adverse effects with the positive ones.
 In other words, there are some harmful or less harmful effects of this medicine also
that depends on how one uses it.
 Common symptoms can get well with time and thus do not need much medical help.
 Some of the above symptoms are indigestion, weakness, mood changes, insomnia,
runny nose, constipation, etc.
 However, there are some symptoms which are adverse and require medical treatment
and help for sure.
 Some of these above symptoms are high blood pressure, swelling on face, pale or blue
lips, high fever, fast heartbeat, increased sweating, etc.