Tramadol 200mg

Tramadol 200mg


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Formula: C16H25NO2
Trade Names: Tramadol
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ultram 200mg: Introduction

  • Tramadol 200mg is a drug medicine that has a drug category- Opioid agonists.
  •  Its generic name is Ultram, by which it is also available in stores.
  • The remedy is available in the form of both immediate and extended-release capsules.
  •  These tablets are powerfully addictive and require a mandatory prescription from a
    doctor for its usage.
  •  Tramadol 200mg is used to cure the pain, which is in between moderate to severe
  •  Such pain can be the pain, which may be due to any surgery, injury, or any severe
    disease such as can brain tumor.
Tramadol 200mg: Usage and Precautions
  • As said above, the medication is powerfully addictive, and its high dosage consists of
    a high risk of seizures.
  •  Moreover, if you are already an addict or an alcoholic, then you are advised not to
    consume such a drug.
  •  Ultram ER is not to consumable for the children below 18 years of age.
  •  Besides, Tramadol 200mg is not to be given to children below 12 years of age.
  • One should stay away from such drugs if you suffer from any respiratory disease such
    as asthma.
  •  With the advice and recommendation of a health care professional, one may consume
    other medications with this drug.
  •  If you have a sensitive body, then do not take such drug as it consists of some harmful
    ingredients which may cause severe allergy.
  •  Misuse and abuse of such medicines can cause severe results such as loss of life.
Tramadol 200mg: Side effects
  1. The most common side effect of Tramadol 200mg is Drowsiness.
  2. Never drive any heavy machinery if in case you are feeling dizzy as such pills can
    make you extraordinarily dizzy and sleepy.
  3.  Above all, there are some frequent and severe side effects of such medication, which
    may or may not take place after its usage.
  4.  Common side effects are general and may go away with time and proper dissolvent of
    medicine in the body.
  5. However, severe side effects will take place when somebody abuses or misuses such
  6. Therefore, it is mandatory to take medical help and doctor’s consultancy if you face
    any critical situation.
     Some of the common symptoms are as follows:
    1. Constipation
    2. Vomit
    3. Nausea
    4. Dizziness
    5. Dry mouth
    6. Shallow breathing
    7. Headache
     The above symptoms may vary in terms of other signs or effects.
     Other severe symptoms are as follows:
    1. Fast heartbeat
    2. Increased sweating
    3. Nose bleeding

4. Severe Drowsiness
5. High blood pressure
6. Thoughts of hurting yourself
7. Trouble speaking
8. Unusual seizures
9. Nightmares regularly
10. Shivering 

  •  The above signs and symptoms may also be different from severe side effects.
  • Also, the overdose of such drugs more than prescription can cause coma, memory
    loss, or death.