Terms & Conditions


Go through our terms and conditions mindfully, and our services should only be utilized when you accept them. Whenever one uses our offered assistance, it means one has understood, read, and agreed to our usage terms. As per our norms, ‘you’ stands for the user who is accessing or browsing our site, its displayed information and consuming our enlisted services, whereas ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ exists for Onlinehealths.    

The information mentioned on our websites have been taken from the medical advisors.
Thus, we want you to utilize this in the best manner possible.
Moreover, as we support you to a possible extent, hence, we expect the same loyalty from the
users as well. We recommend you to use the information keeping all the terms and conditions
applicable to it.
Also, the information regarding the medicines has been updated by taking the sources from
various websites and healthcare professionals. Still, we never recommend you to go through
or use it without any prescription.

Rights of Onlinehealths- 

Onlinehealths keep the privilege to accept and terminate the user from registration without giving any clarification. Whenever you consume our services, it means you approve with given below components-

  • You are legally eligible to obtain the listed service of Onlinehealths.
  • You should not be younger than 18 years to attain our services and the deal you are making with consent, not under any pressure.
  • One is the permanent residents of a country where we deliver our listed and mentioned services.

In other words, the information regarding the medicines provides various recommendations
and suggestions which you need to follow after consulting with the doctor only. If in case,
you suffer or face any consequence, then you would be solely responsible for it.
Besides, we never share or reveal the sources and information to the third party. Also, we
expect the same from our customers, so you must take the sole responsibility if any cause
happens in such an occurrence.

Above all, if in case you face any struggle while going through our websites, then we highly
recommend you put your query via contacting our team 24×7. Our team will try to resolve
your issue within 24 to 48 hours.